Why Go?

More education gives you options. Whether it’s a college degree or a vocational training, education leads to new and exciting opportunities.


Find Your Calling

So, what do you like to do? You may not be totally sure, but take time to notice the things that interest you. College can help you turn your dreams into a career you love. Once you’ve figured out the direction you’d like to take, you can decide what to study (pick a major). A college major gives you a guide for your studies and the classes you’ll need to take. Some majors prepare you for a specific career, while others can lead to many different career paths. Even if you already have a career in mind, be flexible and open to new opportunities–your possibilities are endless.


Open Your World

Of course, you’ll need to do your best in the classroom. You’ll find that your school can provide tons of support so that you can succeed. But, college isn’t just about training for a career. Going to school helps you grow. It’s also about discovering yourself and learning to think and live on your own. Outside of class, you’ll be exposed to new people, places and ideas. You might want to join a club or social group in your free time–it might even lead you to new career paths.


Give Back to Your Family

Going to college can benefit your family now and in the future. Families with higher levels of education tend to have a better standard of living. If you earn more, you can support your parents, brothers and sisters. More education for you can mean that your future kids are better prepared for school.

Be sure to share information about your school search with your family so they can encourage you. Let them know your dreams. Keep them updated on your applications, standardized tests, deadlines and school tours. If your family has some concerns about you continuing your education, talk to them and make your case. Also, encourage them to look at our Parents/Family section. You can find facts on this site to back you up and explain how more education will improve your situation.


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Posted 09/03/2009


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Learn From Others

“I believe in you. If nobody else believes in you, I believe in you. And you should believe in yourself. If you’re not for yourself, nobody else will be for you, and you are so worth it. You are so worth it and we believe in you. You should go out there and do everything possible for you to live the best life that you possibly can. And education is such an important part of that. And so I believe that you can do it.”


Kansas State University

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