Reality Check

Learning does not end with high school. If you are thinking about where your life will take you, we’ve got some facts for you to consider.


Alright, here’s the deal: it’s a competitive world out there and you need every advantage you can get. Without a doubt, more education really helps. Think about this:

  • Getting a degree after high school means you can earn double the income than someone who didn’t finish high school.
  • Over a lifetime, a college grad can earn, on average, $1 million dollars more than a high school dropout.
  • It’s a competitive job market out there, and great education gives you an edge.


Don’t think your grades are good enough for college? Or maybe you didn’t finish school?

  • Don’t worry, there’s still time. Colleges pay attention to improvement. So if you bring your grades up by your junior year, it shows that you’ve turned things around. Bottom line: low grades aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, since schools have different admissions standards.
  • If you haven’t finished school, the game’s not over. You’ll just have to complete your GED (General Education Development) first. Then, you have a shot at attending college.

So, whatever you choose, don’t write yourself off just because your grades aren’t great or you’ve already left school.


Do you think college is out of reach?

No! We’re not saying getting into and paying for college won’t be a challenge, no matter who you are. But it is possible, so don’t let anyone make tell you otherwise.

We know that college doesn’t come cheap, but you can get help paying for it. Did you know that over 60 percent of ALL students in college get financial help? Many colleges give assistance based on your financial need others give based on academics. You can also get work study grants and scholarships to help pay for your education.


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Posted 09/03/2009


Do I really have to take standardized tests?

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Learn From Others

“I believe in you. If nobody else believes in you, I believe in you. And you should believe in yourself. If you’re not for yourself, nobody else will be for you, and you are so worth it. You are so worth it and we believe in you. You should go out there and do everything possible for you to live the best life that you possibly can. And education is such an important part of that. And so I believe that you can do it.”


Kansas State University

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